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The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the largest student-run event programming organization at Drexel University.


Our purpose is to plan and execute a variety of successful events, reflective of the diverse interests and needs of the undergraduate student body. CAB strives, through its programs, to entertain, educate and enrich, while building a cohesive campus community.





Bringing large scale events to the broadest audience of people is the main objective for Traditions. This committee is responsible for organizing and executing the following annual events: Comedy Show, Crystal Ball, and Spring Jam.

Culture & Discovery

Culture & Discovery promotes intellectual and cultural diversity by pushing students to discover ideas that they wouldn’t see in their everyday lives. We plan everything from academic lectures to large multicultural events.


Performing & Fine Arts

Performing & Fine Arts plans events that will expose students to various performing arts within Philadelphia as well as outside of the Philadelphia area. Examples of this are trips to New York City for Broadway shows, plays and performances in Philadelphia, cultural festivals, and free movies series.

Special Events

Special Events creates memorable experiences through events that don’t quite fit into the descriptions of the other committees. This committee plans events both on and off campus, including professional sports games, amusement park trips, Late Skate, back massages, and on-campus laser tag.


Marketing is the bridge between CAB and the Drexel student body. Consisting of a Public Relations and Design team, the marketing committee is responsible for creating media to reach Drexel students and building partnerships with student organizations to make our events best fit the ever-changing needs of the Drexel community.