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Join The Campus Activities Board (CAB) for Game Masters at the Franklin Institute for fun and games with friends on April 21st at noon. Challenge yourself and compete in over 100 playable games as the characters you love including Sonic and Sims! Play in unique immersive gaming experiences or on classic 70s and 80s arcade games! In addition to the plethora of games available, browse through the endless galleries devoted to the history and transformation of gaming throughout the years through revealing interviews, conceptual artworks, and landmark exhibitions.


$5 per ticket and 1 ticket allotted per student ID. Keep your eye on drexelcab.com/tickets for the first ticket sale date & our office hours! Tickets must be obtained in advance at the CAB office. CAB events are open to ALL undergraduate (part-time and full-time) students. Faculty, staff, and graduate students cannot participate unless otherwise noted. Official ticket sale dates will be released at drexelcab.com/tickets on 03/29!

Ticketholders: Please arrive at the Dragon by 11:45 at the latest. Departure for the Franklin Institute will begin promptly at 12:00.